Solar Spotter – Team 8

Our Vision

Our vision was to create a way to more efficiently generate eco friendly and sustainable Energy. One way to generate sustainable Energy is to use solar panels, but the sun isn’t always in the same place, so you need a lot more panels facing different directions.
But owning and maintaining a lot of solar panles is getting very exspencive very fast.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Solar Horizon is to cut down the costs of solar panels to a bare minimum, so that everybody can benefit of the power and advantages of energy generated by sunlight.
We try to make our product affordable enough, that everybody, students to pensioniers, can buy and use it without having to have a major drawback in their finances.

The Idea

So we asked ourselves if the location of the sun moves, why dont the panels move aswell? And so the Idea for the Solar Spotter was born.

The Prototype

Using an Arduino Uno Board, some motors, photoresistors and a solar panel we quickly turned our idea into a real product wich is 40% more efficient than a simple solar panel that doesn’t move.
The Prototype also includes a battery to store energy when no sun is shining and can use a small part of the energy it creates to power it self, so it does not need any external power source or special cable setup. A 3D Render of the Prototype can be found here.


The Cost of the Solar Spotter is approximately ardound 100 to 120 Euros, but we plan to make it even cheaper by cooperating with Factories and Solar Panel distributors.
The Price also includes 2 years of free maintanece if something is not working the way it is intended.


Higher energy efficiency of panels >100W after subtracting the consumption of the Arduino. Depending on summer and winter and the size of the plate between 15% and 30% more power, at the equator also approximately 40% possible. 10:25 100W module (80€) alone has its costs back in 363 days, our 100W module (100€) after approx. 300 days

Meet the Team

Low poly 3D Render of the Solar Spotter
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