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Team 1 – WaterWatch

Join our Live Presentation Today!Time: Jul 4, 2022 12:00-15:00 AM CETJoin Meeting:https://cloud.edutrans21.org/apps/bbb/b/jMBDGyoqHKLGWyGPPW: 9eS3bQCj Problem Solution Mission and Vision Business Model Application Prototype https://app.uizard.io/p/42b96d9c

Roomey – Team 7

Affordable housing in Big Cities The Issue: In big Cities, it is extremely difficult to find affordable housing for students and young people in general. Shared flats are a pretty [ … ]

P.T.E.D – Team 2

Public Transportation for Elders and Disabled About the Issue With most of the world experiencing an ever aging population, many problems that are not as big today, will take a [ … ]