Automated Greenhouse – Team 4

The Problem

  • When the world’s population approaches 10 billion by 2050 and 11 billion by 2100, one of the  challenges is shortage food.
  • All aspects of the food systems are under pressure to become more: sustainable, less polluting, efficient, and to move towards zero food waste, while providing affordable food which is healthy, safe, of consistent quality, and even personalized to individual consumers.
  • In the process of watering in agriculture, significant amounts of the water evaporate due to the general heat and solar radiation

And this is where our idea starts to grow!


We started by looking at what defines our problem, who it affects, what triggers and makes it even worse.

Our Solution

What we present here is an automated greenhouse to actively address the parts of our problem defined above.
We developed the following functions for our greenhouse.

Features Structure
Power generationSolar panels
Power storageBattery
Light regulationRoller shutter
Temperature regulationSensors
Water reservoirTub
Collection system ( Condensation water)Drainage system
Roof slopes


We started to put our ideas on paper to transform our solution from a seed of an idea into a visible green path.

First drawings

Developed models

Full-grown solution

Business plan

We work with established organisations to create the best possible environment. Let us show you the potential our solution brings.

Of course, we know that this is only the theoretical growth of our seed up to here, but now it is up to you whether you want to let this solution grow!

We have created a small fleyer for you so that you don’t forget us.
Simply download it and support us in the best case!

The Glorious Team