Everything Administration

Our Problem: 

Germany’s administration is known to be relatively inefficient. Most requests require a lot of analogue paperwork and consume much time to get a result. Often on request to department A requires the answers to additional requests from other departments B, C and D which have to be manually handed into department A again, usually with a strict deadline. This consumes a lot of time, nerves and resources. Despite this fact, a majority of the German administration already works with digital documents but doesn’t use or have the proper interfaces.

Bureaucratic language is already hard to understand for the average German-born citizen, so how must all that feel to an immigrant who might not be as fluent in German or people with special needs?
We want to simplify the bureaucratic processes between customers and the administration by minimising the communication by mail and reducing the user input to (in the best case) one distinct interaction with the requested department. All other steps in between as well as the responsibility to take the correct action at the right time should take place between the departments and not the customer.
Target Group:
People who are not that fluent in German (especially bureaucratic German), people who are just not able to follow the bureaucratic process and by that probably everyone else who is struggling with bureaucracy
We developed a website in which a user can select their desired form. Depending on the selection the adequate form is generated, additional forms required (i.e. Bafög is required for wohngeld) will also be dynamically added. Once the form is filled out, the information will be redirected to the individual departments. On the administration side the admin can view the forms and either accept or decline the request, after this the answer is saved to the database
Technology Stack: