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Benchy – Smart Route Planning with breaks

Benchy is an app that allows users to find the nearest bench. Users can also add a bank. The current location and a photo of the bench are required. We then review this and add the bench to a Google Maps list, which can be used for navigation. Google Maps is also implemented in our app.

Our Team:

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We would like to make it possible for older people or tourists to take a break during longer tours within the city.

Offer everyone a possibility to complete longer distances because of short breaks.

Why we develop this app:
We were looking for a way to take a break without maybe having to go to a restaurant. Especially in cities where you do not know your way around, this can be difficult. Therefore, we thought it would be good to be able to plan the route to the destination and take a break at the bench.

There are people without a smartphone, so the app cannot be used. Furthermore, we are dependent on users who add the benches. Otherwise, we have to do the task ourselves via the map and manually add the benches.



An app that offers the possibility to use exactly this function and that’s quickly, easily and simply.

Design concept in Figma

Market stand

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