Hackathon 2022 – Kekse-Group – Digital Community Pillar

A Digital Community Pillar for Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg


What is the problem

It’s hard for the citizens of Wilhelmsburg to get information about Cultural or regional events at their location. Especially for people who don’t have such knowledge about the digital enviornment.




  • Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit
  • Connected to a 7-inch touchscreen
  • When booting up the Pi, we launch chromium in kiosk mode so that the taskbar is hidden and functions such as pressing the “F11”-key are disabled
  • We installed “unclutter” and configured in a way that automatically hides the mouse after 0.1 seconds of not being in use
  • Our content is hosted on Adobe XD, a software for designing graphical interfaces
  • Using a Chrome Plugin, the Website reloads every 24 hours so that the content is always up to date but doesn’t require a constant connection to the internet

Plans for the future

  • Implement working buttons for user control as we didn’t manage to do so in time
  • Implement more ways for users for interacting – a map of the surroundings with all different locations such as shops, supermarkets and restaurants would be practical and a good way for advertisers. For a small fee, we could make them more visible on the map
  • Set the pillars up in shopping centers or other locations